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About Us

Our Philosophy

As a services based organisation RIoT Solutions has a high focus on its people, hiring self-motivated, responsible and trustworthy staff that carry a “can-do” attitude and a certain level of emotional intelligence that compliments their high level technical skills and capabilities. We believe that this builds a self-made culture whereby people do the right thing when no one is watching as they have “felt” accountability with a sense of ownership and security from the company.

Our people are encouraged to take the lead, make decisions, and ask for support so that they have a sense of pride and engagement. We do this by providing them easy to use tools, reducing cognitive load and removing Command and Control. Ultimately, we find that this reflects well with our customers providing them with an agile and flexible engagement built around trust and true understanding of the outcome.

Our capabilities

RIoT Solutions was first to market as a recognised certified IoT integrator of network security infrastructure  in Australia. Our success is based on the high calibre of people and specialised skills across both traditional  IT and OT fields.  We are one of the few organisations in Australia with resources in ICS/SCADA security and industry-specific training and certification. These include Certified SCADA Security Architect and Advanced Specialised IoT certifications with many of our vendor partners.

Our consultants have attended a diverse range of ICS security focused training courses in Europe and the United States, and have provided critical infrastructure security assessment services to many Australian organisations that operate and/or build critical infrastructure systems.

Some of our works

Highlighted Projects

Convergence of OT and IT Networks
OT/IT Architecutre
SCADA Cyber Security Assessment
Cyber Security for Control System Networks
Architecture for a large Enterprise
Enterprise IT Design
Cyber Security Attack Simulation
Attack Simulation

Latest News

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Security Vulnerability Found in Industrial Software

RIoT Solutions has identified a vulnerability in software commonly deployed in industrial environments, such as Chemical, Communications, Critical Manufacturing, Energy, Food and Agriculture, Transportation Systems, Water and Wastewater Systems. Successful …

RIoT Solutions boosts security credentials

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