Enterprise Energy Management

Energy is one of the largest unmanaged expenses in any organisation. Organisations around the world are quickly discovering the power of enterprise energy management systems for gaining detailed visibility and control over their plug load, the vast majority of which is composed of IT and OT devices.  To reduce energy consumption and costs across your data centers and distributed offices, you can now get the insight you need to measure and manage energy usage across your entire IP-connected infrastructure. With an Energy Management Suite, you can reduce energy costs by about 35 percent.

The suite delivers 100 percent visibility into all connected devices, so you can identify inefficient systems, configurations, operational practices, and underutilised assets. The system also provides you with:

  • Specific recommendations for optimising energy usage
  • Active power management capabilities to help you reduce overall energy costs
  • Tools to calculate return on investment (ROI), identify best practices for energy management, run reports, and more.

The Cisco Energy Management Suite offered by RIoT Solutions contains four modules:

  • Assessment and Optimisation Service
  • Energy Management Software for Distributed Offices and/or IoT Devices
  • Energy Management for Data Center
  • Energy Management as a Service, which handles all of the functionality of the above three but hosted in the cloud instead of requiring client software on your premises.

The system delivers cost savings in days, rather than weeks or months. And with agentless deployment, there’s no need to install software or meters on any of your network devices.

Secure Access Control & Identity

As the number of known and unknown computers connecting to the Industrial Automation and Control System (IACS) network continues to increase, methods for managing disparate security solutions and mitigation of risks continue to mature. Physical security is no longer adequate to prevent attempts to access an IACS network.  With the continued proliferation of contractor computer connectivity and the already constrained plant-wide operational resources, the potential impact of failing to identify and re-mediate security threats introduces significant risk to plant-wide operations.

The management and security of the evolving coexistence of technologies within an IACS environment requires a different approach. RIoT Solutions Secure Access Control & Indentity (SACI) solution based on Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE) can be used to support centrally managed secure wired or wireless computer access to the IACS networks by operational personnel and contractors.  Using Identity Services is a new approach for both the management and security of the evolving IACS environment.  Protecting IACS assets requires a centrally manageable defence-in-depth security approach that addresses internal security threats. As Cisco ISE supports both wired and wireless access methods to secure different access methods to the IACS networks by plant personnel and contractors, it forms a major part of the Secure Access Control & Identity (SACI) solution specifically for Industrial and Critical type networks.

In partnership with Cisco, RIoT Solutions has developed the SACI solution to offer industries and clients that are in desperate need of security—specifically for managing remote access and third party access.  It  encompasses design, implementation, support and managed services and also includes a private cloud option.