Local, in-country Security Operations

Image above from our Brisbane based SOC”

RIoT Solutions, through its flexibility and customer partnering, provides security assurance to increase your business’ digital maturity.

How we can help your organisation

We focus on five main areas that can be combined to provide maximum value:

SIEM & Threat Intelligence 

  • Secure private cloud-hosted SIEM management and comprehensive use case library
  • Threat management from infrastructure sources
  • Visibility through live dashboarding of security events
  • 24/7 monitoring and real-time dashboarding with added operational visibility
  • Advanced alerting and reduced time to detect security incidents

Vulnerability Management 

  • Dedicated on-boarding engineer collaboratively works with your project team to reduce onboarding time to a matter of weeks
  • Rapidly gain visibility into your most vulnerable systems through proactive and scheduled scans
  • Our expert team provides tailored guidance so your organisation can understand the risks and remediations associated with recently disclosed vulnerabilities

User Awareness 

  • Delivery of quarterly phishing campaigns for organisations’ staff to measure the effectiveness of user aware programs
  • Defined target list to ensure data is captured for any phishing exercise
  • Reporting and recommendations for staff to prevent phishing attacks

Dark Web Intelligence 

  • Ability to proactively search extensive dark web sources to identify any threats and unique risks
  • Access to over 40 top-tier intelligence feeds (open and commercial) across the dark web
  • Delivery of context-specific actionable intelligence from technical, open and proprietary sources
  • Regular cyclic scanning to monitor for changes to organisational risk
  • Early warning of potential environment compromise

Incident Response 

  • Certified and experienced response handlers
  • Full cyber incident event management
  • Cyber attack identification and analysis of systems to understand malicious activity
  • Executive communications management and post-incident reporting
  • Extensive experience in responding to high impact security incidents including ransomware, phishing, and account

Protecting digital assets requires a strategic approach that addresses security threats, using visibility and intelligence systems to provide a comprehensive overview of the cyber threat landscape that allows your business to gain back control of what’s happening in your digital environment.

Whether we are providing an extension to your existing support capabilities or managing your security visibility or incident response services, we can proactively monitor and enhance the ongoing performance of your network.

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