How do I manage my risk if I cannot comprehend my risk?

Industry standard vulnerability assessments and penetration testing concentrates on an organisation’s specific needs, and are generally limited to a well-defined scope.  But what do you do once you have tested all of the individual components that make up your security system?

For organisations which have reached a certain level of maturity with regard to their security posture, RIoT Solutions has developed an advanced penetration testing methodology which is individually customised to assess your specific IT and OT environments.

Our Attack Simulation, also known as a Red Team assessment or War Games, will test your organisation’s security, network, and other blue team operations and capabilities, providing you with the capability to understand your current real world threat, whether that threat be from an anonymous hacker, a state sponsored actor, or from an insider threat such as a rogue contractor or a disgruntled employee.

RIoT Solution’s Attack Simulation will provide you with a customised assessment, delivering information necessary for your organisation to measure the true maturity of your security investment in people, process, and technology, and to enable you to comprehend your security risks.

How will RIoT Solutions test our blue team?

Our attack simulation will emulate a real world threat to your organisation, testing your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems and your incident response capability.

Attack Simulations cannot be performed through a cookie cutter approach, so RIoT Solutions will work closely with your organisation to understand your environment and create a scenario based attack simulation which is not only realistic, but also relevant to your business needs.

The following components are a high level subset of the types of activities which RIoT Solutions may undertake during an attack simulation exercise.

  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering
  • Phishing and other ‘Human Target’ campaigns
  • Physical Security and Surveillance
  • Command & Control device drop
  • Pivoting and Lateral Movement
  • Vulnerability identification and exploitation