Technical Architecture & Design Services

Our team of network and security architects have a wealth of experience in the ICT industry with a focus on mapping business requirements to technical outcomes.  For enterprise and corporates, we are commonly assigned as the Principal design architect on key projects such as complex Core and Edge redesigns, major Firewall/IPS upgrades, QoS and routing optimisation, BYOx and Content delivery and acceleration for network performance.

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are command and control networks and systems designed to support industrial processes. The largest subgroup of ICS is SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. IoT and ICS rely on highly available networks for safe and efficient operation.  These networks can support traffic for SCADA and process control systems, real-time video, sensor information, telemetry, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Building Management Systems (BMS) and other critical information streams.  The underlying protocols are often the same as those found in corporate networks, however the method of implementation must be tailored to the specific requirements of an industrial deployment.

In many cases, an effective architecture and design will enable consolidation of multiple services on to a single network (with appropriate logical segregation and security controls).  This often provides dividends in terms of capital and operational costs, and also provides the ability – where appropriate – for inter-communication between systems to enable innovation.

Our technical architecture and design capabilities in this area extend to:

  • Data Centre Networking
  • Plant-floor Networking
  • Process-Control Networks
  • CCTV Networks
  • FOG Computing
  • SCADA & Historian Networks
  • Wireless Networking including Ultra-high-density
  • Wide-Area Networks
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Smart-Grid and Substation Automation (IEC-61850; IEEE-1613)
  • Building Area Networks, BMS
  • Legacy network reticulation (serial over IP; MODBUS etc.)
  • Optical Fibre transport, private GPON
  • Network Virtualisation

A significant focus for any critical infrastructure or smart and connected project is network security.  The ability to access critical information, on-demand “any-time any-where any-device” is an opportunity to enhance productivity, improve employee wellbeing, improve responsiveness and improve access to valuable and relevant data to users and citizens.

Likewise, many organisations are turning to the use of third-party contractors to provide domain-specific capabilities – perhaps monitoring of a particular sensor suite, or remote administration of a SCADA environment.

In both cases a significant challenge exists; the ability for users to access critical resources and potentially sensitive data without undue complexity and critically – securely.  The impact of getting this wrong is significant and is often high risk.  A logical approach to the technical architecture and design along with pragmatic controls can help to mitigate this risk and ensure a safe and protected environment.

Our capabilities in this area extend to:

  • Remote Access & BYOD
  • Firewalls
  • AAA (Authentication, Authorisation, Accounting)
  • RFID
  • Remote Access Policy Development
  • Security Event and Incident Management
  • Logging Systems
  • Multi-Factor Security
  • Logical Network Separation
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Security Awareness Training