Our Managed Services are a next-level service addition to our professional services. We offer managed networking, visibility and threat intelligence that can be combined to provide maximum value across IT and OT environments.

RIoT Solutions’ managed network and security services will provide you with a view of the threat
landscape relevant to your environment, delivering information necessary for your organisation to
measure the true maturity of your security investment in people, process and technology.

How we can help your organisation

• Managed Networking
• Managed SIEM & Cyber Threat Intelligence
• Managed Insider Threat Monitoring (Honeypots)
• Incident Response

Via our Security Centre, based in Brisbane Queensland, we provide managed threat intelligence via
Cisco’s AMP ThreatGrid Cloud services and managed SIEM based on SPLUNK.  RIoT Solutions’ security operators have direct access to state of the art threat information and intelligence, which it applies to customers logging and alert feeds to provide contextual information that increases the value of their security infrastructure and assets.

Download RIoT Solutions Managed Services Solutions Brief