RIoT Solutions has identified that unlike the construction and critical project delivery industry who engage independent verifiers, there are very little (if any) organisations that provide these services for IoT and IT solutions.  Our service is designed to be used by the end customer, solution integrators or third party providers seeking reassurance on the intended outcome, who want independent verification during the project or defects testing phase.

Validation is the assurance that a product, service, or system meets the needs of the customer and other identified stakeholders. It often involves acceptance and suitability with external customers.

Verification is the evaluation of whether or not a product, service, or system complies with a regulation, requirement, specification, or imposed condition.

How we can help your organisation


  • Prospective validation 
  • Full, Partial or Cross-scale validation 
  • Design verification 
  • Re-validation/Locational 
  • Periodical validation 
  • Regularity  Compliance verification 
  • Cyber Security risk verification